Since graduating Uni in 2003, I've worked for a variety of small to large businesses. My junior days started off in the printing industry, which allowed me to understand the ins and outs of offset and digital printing, which looking back now, I find such a valuable skill I've that I've acquired. 

Moving on, I was employed as a graphic designer for GAME (a video game franchise) and worked alongside clients such as SONY, Microsoft, Activision and Ubisoft. I'd design weekly newsletters to in-store POS to monthly catalogues which required a lot of changes and a lot of late nights!

In 2010, my career highlight was working for NOVA entertainment as their offline graphic designer. This included branding POS, sales pitch designs and most days I was lucky enough to photograph the big celebrities that would come in and be interviewed. What a treat! This then would need to be uploaded online and content added to draw people to the website.

After 2 years I moved onto a small, yet successful startup called The Spaceship as their graphic designer and promotion assistant, and was able to work with one someone I looked up to the most, Kumar Manix, who has implemented some of the most amazing marketing and promotion campaigns for Microsoft and Xbox.

Since leaving The Spaceship in 2013, I have had two beautiful children and work as a freelance designer for agencies over Australia. I love the flexibility, I love new projects and I love to work hard.

x Amy